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Prayer List

Haygood loves you and we would like to pray for you and your family, whether you worship here or not.  Let us know your concern for your loved ones below.

Our current prayer list:

Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.


Church Family: Jim Bell; Sandy and Wendy Sanders; the family and friends of Dave Andrews; Beth Ziegler; Fenton McEvoy; Diana Simeonova; Carol and Charles Livingston; Betty Hanzlick; Megan Locke; Les Springer; John Spickerman; Lucy Townley; June Dunaphant; Brent Kahrs; Bob and Joan Dale; Betty Justice; Linda Kahrs; Sheila Bookout and family; Bob and Martha Forrest; Sandra Ecker; Sherry Gossett; Harriet Bishop; Kay Humphries; Mark Dunaphant; and Beverly Wilkinson. 


Extended Family:  Rev. Dr. Glenn Ethridge, pastor of Oak Grove United Methodist Church; Linda Wood (sister of David Wood); Anne Taylor (sister-in-law of Susan Taylor); Nancy Richards (aunt of Cathie McClellan); the family of Paul Turner (friend of Keri McKinney); Chris Helms ( cousin of Mike McGlamry); Randy Hanzlick (son of Betty Hanzlick); Ruth Dunnavant (cousin of Anne Duke); Tommie Macon (friend of June Dunaphant); the Atchity family (friends of Amy and Rob Hogan); Widget Richards (sister-in-law of Cathie McClellan); Joe Welsh (friend of Cathy Lepik); Byron Norris (brother of Butch Norris); Otto Feil (friend of the Taylor family); Mary Smith (wife of Ed Smith); Nyla Parks Bell (friend of Anna Diaz-Caballero); Mack Hodges; Suzy Kauffman (mother of Kristine Hope); Sally Shriver (sister of Becky Ward); Hugh Greene; Ronnie Rose (friend of June Dunaphant); Mika Motes (friend of Linda Booker); Matt Norris (son of Butch and Florence Norris); Joe and Libby Coleman (parents of Sandy Hennessy); Cecil Dean (father of Carol Hatcher); Betty Hatcher (mother of Jimmy Hatcher); Greg Germani (friend of David Wood); and those serving our  country



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