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Updated: Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019


- Updates on the basketball season can always be found on this page.

- (Scroll down to see the latest email sent)

- Practices begin this Sunday, November 3rd. Some teams have not confirmed coaches yet. We are still looking for volunteers. If you would like to step up and fill in the gap, please email me asap:

- You can log into this website to view your team assignment and roster

- For Grades 4th-12th the games begin the weekend of Nov. 22 and 23rd. HS boys play on Friday night, and everyone else on Saturdays. PreK-3rd grade games begin on Sat. Dec 7th.

Click on the links below to view the Rules and Schedules by divisions:



Practice & Game Schedule PreK/K Coed

Rules PreK-K

1st Grade- coed

Practice & Game Schedule 1st Coed

Rules 1st Grade

2nd Grade-girls

Practice & Game Schedule 2nd Girls

Rules 2nd Grade

2nd grade-boys

Practice & Game Schedule 2nd Boys

Rules 2nd Grade

3rd Grade-girls

Practice & Game Schedule 3rd Girls

Rules 3rd Grade

3rd grade-boys

Practice & Game Schedule 3rd Boys

Rules 3rd Grade

4th/5th Grade- girls

Practice & Game Schedule 4th/5th Girls

Rules 4th/5th Grade

4th/5th grade-boys

Practice & Game Schedule 4th/5th Boys

Rules 4th/5th Grade

Middle school- girls

Practice & Game Schedule MS Girls

Rules Middle School

middle school-boys

Practice & Game Schedule MS Boys

Rules Middle School

High school-boys

Practice & Game Schedule HS Boys

Rules High School


Last email sent to league:

(Sent 11/6/19)

Good morning.  I'm so excited to finally get the season started.  Practices have been going well so far.  I want to go ahead and send out this group email because I have not been able to respond to everyone individually because of the volume.  I don't want you to feel ignored because it's taking me a while to get to each one.  Here are a couple of helpful updates:

Please continue to use this link to get the latestest updates, rules, schedules and  changes:

The SI play app is not our friend this year.  Please log into your online account with SI website to view team information:

Coaching situation:

As expected, many parents have stepped up to fill in our coaching gaps. Please report to your practice times as scheduled.  Someone will be there to run your session.

Team Changes:

We cannot make any team changes.  Why, Debbie, why?  Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Every change creates a domino effect and impacts other families.
2. The coaches have carefully selected balance teams based on grade levels and skill levels.  Changes undermine that balance and all their hard work.
3. The coaches have seen and carefully considered your practice night requests, carpool requests, and for the younger teams, even your friend requests.  So if you didn't get exactly want you wanted, it wasn't for lack of effort on our part.  We really try to honor as many requests as we can.  (You can check with any coach who came to the draft to verify this).

For these reasons, we never guarantee what team or practice day you will receive.  When you sign up for a basketball league, basketball has to take priority over other activities, at least for the season.   I hope this email has answered a lot of your questions.

The t-shirts have been ordered and will be available the week before your first game.  Also thanks to the Haygood Church, you can expect a bonus gift to go with it!

We are serving over 850+ families again this season in 5 locations.  Please be assured we are doing our best to make sure everyone has a great experience with us at Haygood.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

See you on the court.

Play with heart,

P.S. No refunds after team selections. (If you requested a refund prior to Nov. 3rd we will honor that minus the $25 admin fee.  Those refunds will be issued after the first week of practices).



November 3 is the last live training for Safe Sanctuaries with Ashley Brookins at HaygoodUMC at 12:30pm. Here’s the link to complete the course online: Safe Sanctuary (you do not need to come in if you have completed this on line)

Background checks and Safe Sanctuary training a must!


Haygood Hoops has been a favorite winter activity for intown families since 1992. Haygood Hoops ministry welcomes children and youth for physical exercise, teamwork, skills development and fun. Haygood Hoops culture puts the emphasis on fun and sportsmanship in a friendly, laid back, family atmosphere. Last season over 900 families participated in our program.

Haygood Hoops is open to boys and girls in grades Pre-K through 12th. All players, in all divisions, will play at least half of the game. Practices and games are played in the Haygood gym and at other gyms around our community (Mary Lin Elementary School,  Inman Middle School, Morningside Baptist Church and Springdale Elementary School aka SPARKS).


Haygood Preschool students have priority enrollment for all enrichments. After 8/11/19, if space is available, community children are invited to enroll. Registrations and payments for all enrichments, if not made online, can be made in the gym lobby workroom. Look for the wicker basket labeled “Enrichments”.

2019-2020 Offerings:

Classes begin for the Fall semester the week of August 26th.

“Welcome Day” is in the Haygood Gym on Monday, August 19th from 10am-12pm. Please come out and meet all of our wonderful Enrichment program providers in person.

Studio GO Dance: We are happy to offer dance for 2019 – 2020 school year thru Studio GO Dance. Click here for the Studio GO website, and here for the brochure (coming soon). The schedule is : Wed. 1:00  Pre-Ballet(Preschool – 3’s); Wed. 2:30  Pre-Ballet (CDC – 3’s); Wed. 3:45 Elementary Tap Ballet (ages 5+);Fri. 1:00  Tap-Ballet (Preschool Pre-K);Fri. 2:30  Tap-Ballet (CDC Pre-K); Click this link to Register:

Bricks 4 Kidz:  This class provides a fun and exciting hands-on approach to learning concepts of engineering, architecture and physics through the use of LEGO® bricks.  This class is offered Mondays, from 1:00-2:00. Online registration only – click here for the website.

Aussie Kids Golf:  This program is designed to introduce players to the basic skills of golf with  a fun, encouraging, goal oriented approach. This class is for ages 3-5  Tuesdays from 1:00-1:45.   Call 404-812-6808 to register, or click here for online enrollment (then select church programs).

The Manzana Tree: is the children’s branch of the The Learning Kitchen for adults. These classes are called the food playgrounds. Brain science says playing with your food will cure picky eating! We explore a new fruit or veggie each week. We taste them, lick them, feel them, paint with them, learn where they come from and cook with them (heat and knife free). Come dressed to get messy! This class is for ages 3+ on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:15. Call Mary Caroline at 806-787-5903 or use this link to register:

Playball:  Playball is a unique program in that it uses sports as the means to build competence in all aspects of participants’ lives including the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical.   This class is offered both Monday and Wednesday at various times for various ages- see signup sheet.  Click here for Preschool Winter 2019 Registration;  click here for CDC Winter 2019 Registration.

Terriffic Thursdays :  This extended care featuring stores, art projects, games and free play is offered on Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:30.  The sign-up sheet can be found with Ms. Britt and submitted to the teacher work room (wicker basket with enrichment envelopes)  with payment when complete. The teachers for the winter  session are Ms. Britt and Ms. Zarinah.

Drama CATS - Children - Acting - Theater - Storytelling. Please join Benjamin Williams and his team in weekly fun filled experiences with drama and storytelling. This 14 week session will culminate with a performance at the end of the session. They will be meeting from 1-1:45pm on Thursdays.  Click here to register and/or to get more details: CATS

Tiny Tykes Soccer:  This program is a division of the British Soccer Academy, and focuses on the development of children 3-5 years old.  The British coaches are experts in working with children, and will combine soccer, stories, games and music to engage your child in this high energy program.  Fridays from 1:00 – 1:45.  Click  here  to register online.

Please contact the specific providers with questions regarding the individual programs.  Please contact Debbie Miller, Recreation Director, via email with general enrichment questions:

Youth Girls Volleyball

Please consider the Haygood Spikers for a fun and challenging activity for your daughter! In this recreation activity, we focus on teaching girls the basics of the sport with slightly modified Haygood Rules*. Parent coaches volunteer their time and practice with their team one time per week for one hour.  This league is for girls in grades 5th-8th.

Registration for the Fall season is now open!!

Mandatory Evaluations and Clinics at 6pm:

Monday, August 19th at 6pm for last names beginning with A-I

Tuesday, August 20th at 6pm for last names that begin with J-R

Thursday, August 22nd at 6pm for last names that begin with S-Z

Teams will be selected after the last session on Thursday.

We have 4 matches on Sundays, between 2:00 and 6:00 on 9/8; 9/15; 9/22; 9/29; & our 5th match on Monday, 9/30 at 6,7, & 8pm.

Use this link to register now: VOLLEYBALL REGISTRATION

*Click this link to view and/or print Volleyball Rules

Click this link to view and/or print Volleyball practice drills