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Congregational Survey

Our administrative council approved a recommendation from our Reconciling Ministry Network exploratory committee to survey our congregation about how they feel about what happened at General Conference this past February and their feelings on the LGBTQ community, marriage and ordination. The survey wants to get your thoughts on joining groups like the Reconciling Ministries Network and supporting other movements like the UMCNext, which is working to end the exclusionary language in our Book of Discipline towards LGBTQ persons.

This is an anonymous survey and is meant to get a general sense of how the congregation feels. It’s not a vote of any type. The survey will help give us an understanding of our congregation’s thoughts, theology and attitudes. We hold people’s responses with great care and respect.

You can take the survey by clicking here.  We’ll keep this survey open until 5 pm on Thursday, June 20.

Thank you for your willingness to take this survey. Our hope is to help us understand each other from all different backgrounds and to make Haygood the most welcoming place for all people. There’s a Place for You at Haygood.