Carol Hatcher — Gifts in Full Bloom.


Member Spotlight: Carol Hatcher — Gifts in Full Bloom.

Carol Hatcher and her husband, Jimmy, have been Haygood members for 27 years. But it was just recently that Carol discovered she has a gift that brightens our sanctuary every Sunday morning. 

A graphic designer by trade, Carol’s talent for floral arranging even caught her by surprise. “I had no idea I loved doing this,” she said. It was during one of her six years as chair of the Altar Guild that she saw a need for flowers and decided she would give it a try. She worked with Laura, from Faith Flowers — the florist who provides Haygood’s Christmas and Easter arrangements. “With my design background, the color came naturally, but Laura helped me with structure and how to do it and I thought, I can do this!” Carol said. “As time went on, I got better and better at it. It wasn’t an overnight thing.” 

Carol draws inspiration from Pinterest and looks for color combinations that complement the church calendar. And her love of floral arranging is contagious — she’s now paying it forward by training another church member, Amy Hogan, in the art of flower arranging. “I usually go pick out flowers on Thursday for Sunday, bring them to Haygood and put them together on Friday, or if Amy is helping we will do it together on Saturday,” Carol said.

About her volunteer role on Alter Guild, Carol said,” It’s a great way to meet people. We are a great team and it’s been a great experience for me.” 

Carol and Jimmy raised their two children, Hunter and Lauren, at Haygood, and Carol considers it home. “Jimmy and I have always talked about how we could never leave Haygood — all our best friends are there. We never had family in Atlanta, so it really has been our family away from home. It’s been such a great place for all of us.”  

For more information on volunteering for the Altar Guild, Carol can be reached at