Carol Hatcher — Gifts in Full Bloom.


Member Spotlight: Carol Hatcher — Gifts in Full Bloom.

Carol Hatcher and her husband, Jimmy, have been Haygood members for 27 years. But it was just recently that Carol discovered she has a gift that brightens our sanctuary every Sunday morning. 

A graphic designer by trade, Carol’s talent for floral arranging even caught her by surprise. “I had no idea I loved doing this,” she said. It was during one of her six years as chair of the Altar Guild that she saw a need for flowers and decided she would give it a try. She worked with Laura, from Faith Flowers — the florist who provides Haygood’s Christmas and Easter arrangements. “With my design background, the color came naturally, but Laura helped me with structure and how to do it and I thought, I can do this!” Carol said. “As time went on, I got better and better at it. It wasn’t an overnight thing.” 

Carol draws inspiration from Pinterest and looks for color combinations that complement the church calendar. And her love of floral arranging is contagious — she’s now paying it forward by training another church member, Amy Hogan, in the art of flower arranging. “I usually go pick out flowers on Thursday for Sunday, bring them to Haygood and put them together on Friday, or if Amy is helping we will do it together on Saturday,” Carol said.

About her volunteer role on Alter Guild, Carol said,” It’s a great way to meet people. We are a great team and it’s been a great experience for me.” 

Carol and Jimmy raised their two children, Hunter and Lauren, at Haygood, and Carol considers it home. “Jimmy and I have always talked about how we could never leave Haygood — all our best friends are there. We never had family in Atlanta, so it really has been our family away from home. It’s been such a great place for all of us.”  

For more information on volunteering for the Altar Guild, Carol can be reached at

The Living Legacy of Claude Grizzard


Member Spotlight: The Living Legacy of Claude Grizzard

August 12, 1906 - May 17, 2005

Ever wonder who the Grizzard House is named for? Or how our thriving Weekday Children’s Ministries got its start? Meet the late Mr. Claude Grizzard, Jr.

“Haygood would be a totally different place without Claude Grizzard,” said Dr. Allen Ecker who first met Claude in the 1950s, when Allen began attending Haygood as a teenager. “Claude chaired MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) with his wife, Helen. I remember him teaching us the Hokey Pokey.”

Along with his apparent dancing skills, Claude shared his many gifts and talents in a multitude of ways. Faithfully present, Claude rarely missed Sunday school or Sunday morning worship, throughout his 79 years as a member. Actively involved in the full ministries of the church, Claude’s volunteerism included stints as chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee, chair of Finance and chair of the Stewardship Committee. When it came to personal giving, Dr. Ecker remembers, “Claude told me, ‘The first 10% comes off the top and the Lord will give you the other 90%.’ And he was right.”

And though his longstanding contributions are many, there’s no place where Claude’s legacy is felt more than within Haygood’s Weekday Children’s Ministries. In the early 1970s, according to Dr. Ecker, Claude felt passionate that Haygood should provide a mission to the community; so he spearheaded the effort to open a daycare. Dr. Ecker remembers that the vote only passed by a narrow margin. “There was opposition to the daycare because people were worried the Sunday school classes would smell like dirty diapers,” he laughed. “The board members promised the classrooms would be cleaned up and ready on Sunday mornings.” This meant that Claude and Dr. Ecker, along with their wives and a few others, personally cleaned the rooms each Saturday morning. But his commitment didn’t end there - he served the daycare for many decades, assuming a position on the board, as well as being a consistent guest reader to 2 and 3 year olds in the Child Development Canter.

“Claude was a patriarch...a leader in the church from both a business point of view and a theological point of view,” Dr. Ecker said. “He remained very active all his fie and lived his Christian beliefs.”

Haygood is blessed to have had such a faithful servant in Claude Grizzard, and we hope his legacy inspires each of us to live as he did, humbly walking with God.

Kathy Matson: A Lifetime of Giving

Kathy Matson: A Lifetime of Giving

Kathy Matson: A Lifetime of Giving

If you’ve attended a Haygood Sunday morning worship, you’ve seen Kathy Matson in action. For more than seven years, Kathy has led the crucifers and acolytes. Her ever-present role includes an annual training, creating the weekly schedule and assisting each child in the processional on any given Sunday. And this is just one of the many ways Kathy has served Haygood throughout the years. 

Kathy is a true Haygood lifer. Born at Emory, Kathy donned the doors of Haygood as an infant —the fourth generation of her family to be active in Haygood’s ministries. Her great-grandfather, N.C. McPerson, was a charter member and oversaw the construction of the original Haygood building that stood at 1368 N. Highland Ave. Throughout her childhood, Kathy attended Sunday school, getting more involved as she grew older. “I sang in the adult choir regularly from age 16 until the late ‘90s. I’m currently in the handbell choir and enjoy re-joining the choir at Easter and Christmas. Music is a very important part of my life, ” Kathy says.

Kathy’s commitment to God is evident in her longstanding contributions to Haygood. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a committee Kathy hasn’t served. From Staff Parish, Stewardship, Alter Guild and Administrative Council to the Missions, Visitation and Worship teams, Kathy lives her vow to “faithfully participate…by our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.” Have a need? Kathy is the first to raise her hand. She’s a go-to helper in a multitude of ways. She has supported Haygood’s work with Habitat for Humanity, is a staple at Vacation Bible School, has led Girl Scouts, been a Confirmation mentor, nursery volunteer and even helps with front office tasks as needed.

“Haygood is truly a home away from home for me. I was married there, my son grew up there…it’s just my whole life,” Kathy says.

When asked about her passion for volunteering, Kathy responded, “Everybody has different gifts and talents. My feeling is if the Lord calls you, even if you don’t know you can do it or not, you should at least give it a try. We’re not all good at the same things. The Lord wants us to use our gifts and talents and be a team together. It’s such a joy to become a servant, in whatever way. It just gives you such great fulfillment.”

For more information on how you too can find fulfillment through volunteering at Haygood, feel free to reach out to Kathy at