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Prayer List

Haygood loves you and we would like to pray for you and your family, whether you worship here or not.  Let us know your concern for your loved ones below.

Our current prayer list:

Church Family – The family of Patrick Smith, Charlie Mae Westmoreland, Bob and Joan Dale, Betty Justice, Lorri Smith, Linda Kahrs, Virginia Cooper, Sheila Bookout and family, John Taylor, Craig Bruckman, Tracy Moore, Dr. Allen Ecker, Elise Livius, John Spickerman, Gloria and Johnny Dooley, Phyllis Mitchell, Carol and Charles Livingston, Sherry Gossett, Betty Hanzlick, Sue Bath, Mary Smith, Harriet Bishop, Kay Humphries, Mark Dunaphant, Beverly Wilkinson.

Extended Family – Sally Shriver (Becky Ward’s sister), the family of Susie Duncan (Anne Dukes’ friend), Karson Benfield (Shannon Sullivan’s friend), Widget Richards (Cathie McClellan’s sister-in-law), Hugh Greene, Elizabeth Rudisill (Kathy Matson’s cousin), Virginia Hill (Margaret Brackett’s aunt), Julie Kenneweg (Charles Livingston’s friend), Fran Threatt (Shannon Sullivan’s mother),    George Bevels (Jeremy Bevels’ father), Jim Leffler (Matt Goodman’s grandfather), the family of Kevin Scollard, Bob Fountain (June Dunaphant’s friend), Ronnie Rose (June Dunaphant’s friend), the family of  Harold Edwin Bailey, Sr. (Edlene Bailey’s father-in-law), the family of Nicolas Vale (Jeff Vale’s  father), Pam Adams (Belinda  Allen’s friend), David Reeves and family (Rob and Amy Hogan’s friend), Mika Motes (Linda Booker’s friend), Crister Joe McIntire (Craig Bruckman’s cousin), Pat Kees, Lan Vo-Green (Craig Bruckman’s friend),  Jill Stewart (Belinda Allen’s friend), Clara Cruz, Connie Carros (Anne Taylor’s father-in-law), Matt Norris (Butch and  Florence Norris’ son), Joe and Libby Coleman (Sandy Hennessy’s parents), Betty Hatcher (Jimmy Hatcher’s mother), Bob Wheeler (Jim and Nona Bell’s friend), Cecil Dean (Carol Hatcher’s  father), Greg Germani (David Wood’s friend), James Rowe, Anne Long Key (Anne Dukes’ friend), those serving our country.


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