FLX Sundays (Family Learning Experiences)


Our Family Learning Experiences are designed to help parents interact with their children and to learn God’s word in an experiential way.

We realize that having kids attend a traditional Sunday School each Sunday can be difficult for parents. We also have heard that parents already struggle to find time on the weekends to spend with their children. We are here to help to teach children about God’s word while also providing parents with meaningful experiences with their children.

Haygood has chosen 5 Sunday mornings this fall to help children interact with their parents to learn the stories of faith in a creative, imaginative and experiential way. Our FLX Sundays are from 10a.m.-10:50a.m.

You might ask if we will continue to have Sunday school on the other Sundays. The answer is yes. We will still offer regular school on these Sundays in between our Family Learn Experiences.

3 years-5th (groups will divided up in age appropriate classes).

Our dates are below:

August 18th: Learning to pray. On this Sunday, we want to do two things. First, we want to give you and your children the tools to pray. A lot of families want to learn prayers for meal times and for bedtime. To do so, we’ll have our children and parents work together to provide some artistic Biblical expressions of blessing to ad to your home (for your dining room or child’s bedroom). Secondly, we’ll also have a time to bless and dedicate our new children and youth spaces in the upstairs rooms in our gym. We’ll conclude by dedicating and praying over our new rooms.

September 8th: Learning to serve. We invite parents to serve with their children in our “Rise Against Hunger” event. We will work alongside our congregation to pack 20,000 meals. This is a great experiential way to learn about Jesus’ teachings to serve others. There are ways to serve for every age level.

October 20th: Learning to create. In the book of Genesis, God created the heavens and the earth. We’ll invite some of our talented local artists to help our children create and paint their masterpieces. In the worship service this Sunday, we’ll have a potter throwing clay to reinforce this message. God is the potter. We are the clay.

November 10th: Learning to give thanks. Our parents and children will share their many reasons to give thanks and then participate in a mission project to help provide food for our local community food pantries.

December 15th: Learn to taste and see the Lord is good. We’ll be learning the lessons of Advent through baking. Parents and their children will roll out the dough, use cookie cutters to learn the symbols of Advent and then bake a treat they can eat together or give to a neighbor.